Best 2D Animation Software for 2020?

The animation is the best tool, to tell your story and one of the most prominent visual arts forms, today. And rendering this tool requires a keen knowledge of 2D and 3D models. The animated explainer videos are getting essential and popular among the grown-ups and youngsters. However, these are also being used by movie industries, medical, government, organizations, businesses, etc.


The animation software is compatible and flexible with multiple devices. There are many animation software available in the market with advanced features, with the help of which, users can create animations and can increase the engagement of the audience and easily convey their message. Below mentioned are the software available to you, and guess what! you don’t have to pay in thousands, and don’t need to sharpen your skills before using them.

Let’s check out some best easy to use 2D Animation software for 2020

1. Synfig

Also known as the game changer software of the animation industry, is an open-source 2D vector graphics and timeline-based software, operated on Linux, Mac OS X, windows. It enables users to create a specific style or look with tremendous ease. The software is designed in such a way that it can increase the speed and get the task done on time without adding onto the extra workload. This is what makes the software ideal for small teams and solo artists. Synfig is also ideal for beginners as well as people with years of experience. The interface allows access to the central panel, property panel, tools, timeline as well as keyframes. Users can select the frames as well their animation video plays per second, layer effects, sounds, types, etc.

Cost: Free

2. Opentoonz

As the name suggests, the software is based on toonz and can be modified freely. The major benefit the software has provided is that it can be used commercially and non-commercially. The software has multiple uses in professional production, amateur production and offers an opportunity to game developers to add 2D animation in games without incurring hefty costs. The Opentoonz software has unique features, like:

  • Powerful digital drawing tools helps users to create artwork of any complexity.
  • Indexed colour palettes, that can be edited at any point of time.
  • The software is not only easy to learn but also fast to use
  • It has user-defined shortcut keys as well as Multiplane camera features
  • The system uses multiple processors, which shows the animation on high quality while the users continue working The software provides motion tracking, to synchronize the animation with video footage.

3. Pencil 2D

The pencil 2D is again an open-source, simple 2D animation drawing and painting application. It’s basically a lightweight and easy to use software and has its complete focus on animation. The software works on cross-platform, i.e, it can be operated on Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD. Pencil 2D software is free to use even for commercial purposes. The interface of the software is divided into 4 windows, and those are editing tool, drawing tool, colour palette and window highlighting the timeline of the feature. The application is portable, i.e, the users can take their design to different computers, they want to get their design displayed on. So, basically, with the help of 2D animation software, the designers can show their creativity and manage their designs effectively.

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4. Toon Boom Harmony

The toon boom harmony software is a world-wide recognized software for efficiency and creativity and is also known as an industry-leading production animation software. It has emerged into 2D animation application with full production capabilities, proven useful to students, freelancers, artists and professionals. Toon Boom Harmony is flexible, and its fluidity of the tools enables the users to create quality animation. In general, we can say its an all-in-one tool for efficient animation, starting from the drawing to final production. The software saves you cost and time.  Last but not least, the Toon Boom software is used to produce movies, T.V shows, games and advertisements.

Cost: Free for up to 21 days and once, 21 days are up, then users need to pay $109 per month.

5. CelAction2D

Cell action 2D enables users to create significant and professional animations and has the ability to become a part of their unique and complex projects, and is probably the best 2D animation software out there. Compatible with Windows, Linux and OSX, the software is fast to use with low system requirements. The product suits all the needs of the users, by providing them with the basic, as well as the advanced features they need. The software is best suitable for beginners and intermediate users. It allows them to create a palette in 16 million colours, and they would definitely have an easy time getting to grips, with the way the product works.

6. Moho Supreme Pro

A proprietary vector-based 2D animation software, available for Windows and macOS. Moho Pro is changing animation software game. Combines with the most powerful technology, the software is a state-of-art professional animation tool, allows you to create the best animation project faster and easier. It is basically known as all in one, 2D animation software and has everything you need including the toolkit with a more efficient tool to improve the project workflows. Which traditional software can’t. However, a new and enhanced supreme pro is comprised of all the features that a user couldn’t find anywhere on the market. Moho includes bitmap and freehand drawing capabilities, vector animation tools allows users to have more efficient and simplified workflow. The tool is used by professionals worldwide, to create amazing animations to take the project to the next level.

  • Moho features layers of different types, of artwork, and the layers can be animated in perspective.
  • The software has twinning of all layer, vector shapes as well as bone animation,

7. Stop Motion Studio

A feature-rich movie editor 2D animation software, is powerful and insanely fun to play with. The stop motion studio, helps users to create excellent stop-action movies. The software consists of a set of a unique feature, for instance, frame-by-frame editor. The stop motion studio 2D animation software is fun to use and available for macOS, Android and windows. Worlds easiest app to use, stop motion editor, would get you into motion moviemaking. The software is easy to use as well as the users can build stop motion animated movies instantly and provide them with everything they can shake a stick at. The users can create movies and can also share on a social media platform like facebook, youtube and other sites.

It provides users with features like:

  • It has an adjustable time interval feature, which can automatically capture frames.
  • Users can easily export their movie, within 1080p quality or in animated GIF
  • Built-in in movies gallery
  • It has grid mode so that we can place an animated object
  • Zoom in and out on the timeline view

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8. FlipBook

The FlipBook is the best 2D animation software that makes the animation easier and runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The software has replaced the traditional animation software and has similar features like Toon Boom harmony. The worth knowing software has everything a user needs, like TWAIN-complaint scanner and webcam. An unavoidably 2D animation software easy and powerful enough that can do anything or everything a professional needs, with an undeniable speed so as users can make changes in the scene while looping, and that can witness the changes, the next time the loop starts.

Includes the features like:

  • It can rearrange the order of frames on the fly and can be easily scanned on storybooks
  • User can draw on a computer or on tablets
  • Has numerous transition effects, ad provide an option like pan, zoom
  • Allows the users to add a soundtrack to storyboard, and also controls the speed of the frames

9. CrazyTalk Animator

The crazy talk animation is the easiest and exciting new, approach to traditional animation software, with innovative tools and with the help of these new innovative tools users can apply, 3D motions to 2D characters. The software has opened new possibilities for the users so that they can edit 2D motions freely that can be a part and they can view this with any angle with a single click. Its the most creative software for 2D character animation and is combined with functional features, for instance, facial puppet and auto-lip synchronization. The software approaches animation from a different perspective, is a great tool and it provides sophisticated options for creating fully-featured 2D animation.

10. Animaker

The quickest with speed software, also known as best 2D Animation software for beginners. The cloud-based software helps users to create animated videos while using pre-built characters and templates. Moreover, the software also offers online tools to create and edit video animation. This a freemium software. The users can create animated videos with various styles using an infographic, whiteboard and cartoon. The software is easy to learn and is helpful especially if you want to create educational or marketing videos. It has in-built engaging animated styles and can grab a large number of audiences. Additionally, users have access to all the features.