The Best Python Courses on BitDegree

BitDegree Python is a general-purpose programming language that is mostly used in a wide range of application compiling. In fact, it powers some of the most complex applications and websites in the world. It is a universal language between platforms.


While it is a very high-level programming language, it is relatively easy to learn. Python translates a lot of complex procedures for its user, that is why it is considered to be a beginner-friendly language that allows the user to focus on learning without having to figure out other smaller problems that can be stressful.

Furthermore, Python does not have a specific rule set on how to build features. It is a flexible language that enables creativity in solving problems in different methods and does not require to compiled in advance in order to run, which makes easier to test small compilations. If you ever stumble upon a problem while learning from the best Python courses, just hop into the enormous community of its users, which will help you solve the programming riddles in no-time.

What are the top online Python courses on BitDegree?

BitDegree is an online education platform that helps to sky-rocket your knowledge base on most of the computer science-related subjects. The platform offers many courses on Python programming language, so let’s review some of the most loved ones.

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Learn Python from scratch in one Python online course for beginners

Among one of the best Python courses, the tutorial by instructor Nitin Tyagi is a step by step tutorial on Python programming that explains the vast possibilities of the language. The whole course is broken down into four sections that cover every aspect of learning Python from scratch.

In this tutorial, you will find a thorough explanation on how to install Python on Windows operating system, how to set up Python editor, and how to install Pytest Framework.

The second part will teach you how to start writing a basic script on the programming language. It will help to write the first code, explain how to take user input, standard data types, and what are variables on Python.

The third section is all about Condition Handling in Python. Conditions are very important since they help to write useful programs and it is always crucial to check the conditions and change the behavior of the program accordingly.

The final segment’s goal is to fully explain what are Loops in this programming language. It breaks down an hour of information into 11 lectures that will easily build your knowledge on Python.

All in all, the course offers 25 lectures and a certificate after finishing it. You will learn the advanced level of Python scripting and how to use it in various ways. Be sure to have a basic understanding of how Windows Machine works before starting it.

Learn Python Basics: Up To Date Python Course For Beginners

Another contender on the best python courses is the course on Python basics and it is brought by LearnToProgram organization which is a leading educator on mobile, web, and game development.

Learn Python Basics explains the fundamentals of the programming language and teaches how it works. The group of authors believes that one of the best ways to learn is through practice. The course offers plenty of practical examples to learn from.

Each of Python Basics course section begins by an explanation of what will be taught in it. The course starts at firstly explaining the Output mechanism, the print() function, Separators, and Newlines.
Carrying on, the course offers an in-depth view of variables, operators, code branching, loops, and math functions. The instructors did some great work making an easy, fast, and well-compiled tutorial that every important detail like Python string functions, tuples, and dictionaries, Pythons and time/date functions.

LearnToProgram’s teacher’s goal is to explain complex technical information to non-technical people. The course is set to beginner level, offers 63 lessons, and has an available certificate after finishing up. Learn Python Basics requires only basic IT literacy.

Full-Circle Python Web Development Course

Technology is what drives Stone River eLearning instructors, this is why the authors brought us one of the best Python courses out there. Python Web Development course’s goal is to teach how to access and parse the website with the Python programming language.

In this course, instructors cover the most important aspects of web programming. It gives a good understanding of the tools that are crucial to building web-based programs. To make sure that no student falls behind, the instructors make everything very clear and start off very slowly so that the student would have a very strong foundation. The course goes through data analysis and explains how to manage databases in detail.

Full-Circle Python Web Development course goes through many details about the structure of the internet, explores the role of web servers, HTML and XML languages. The instructors give many practical examples. A few of them will be to create a website using HTML and later Python’s framework Flask.

The course is separated into 8 sections that consist of a total of 57 lessons through-out all programs. Stone River eLearning instructors have highly experienced since they already over a million students and taught more than 200 different courses. Python web development course only requires a computer that is powered by Windows, Linux, or iOS.

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Python Tutorial for Beginners to Build a Solid Foundation of Programming Concepts

Another profound opponent among the best Python courses is brought by Stone River eLearning instructors is about Python basics that introduce the non-coders to the world of programming. The course provides deeply useful information on the programming language that produces a simple, versatile, and readable code.

Python Tutorial for Beginners takes the user through the installation process, teaches the principles of variables, loops, statements, and many more important things. Later on, when some basic foundations are laid down, the instructors give a profound look on functions, how to understand common errors, and how to work with files and classes.

The course consists of 7 sections that are broken down into 26 lessons. In more than 3 hours, the instructors equip the student with the most important basic knowledge that is used in programming.

The tutorial has close to none requirements since it needs only a computer with an operating system and the internet.

Python for Beginners: Start Coding

Another addition to the best Python courses is the “Start Coding” course that is brought by Ardit Sulce, an instructor who has a master’s degree in Geospatial Technologies from the Institute of Geoinformatics at the German Munster University.

The Python for Beginners course begins with an introduction on what Python actually is. The general information is crucial to understanding the learning material that will be presented later on. After the projects for beginners, the course brings up more advanced tasks that will explain how to start writing Python programs.