Software Testing QA Outsourcing

When the work is given to an external vendor/company without being performed by the internal core team then this process is termed as Outsourcing. QA or Software Testing is one such area, which many companies prefer to outsource. There are several factors which drive the need for outsourcing, at the same time certain points should be noted before finalizing the vendor for outsourcing.

Software Testing

In this article, I am going to walk you through few factors which should be kept in mind before outsourcing, concerns before finalizing an outsourcing company, and list of some of the software testing outsourcing providers.

Factors to be Considered Before Outsourcing

#1) One time Project & Internal QA Team lacks Skill

Say, you have to get the testing done for a one time project but the project requires specialized skill set which the internal team is lacking. In such case, there is an option to train internal resources but that would be time-consuming and would drive a certain amount of cost as well, so you can opt for outsourcing the work to a company having the required expertise & supporting the latest technology.

#2) Short Timeframe project but need more people

The strength of a QA team is always less when compared to the Development and Maintenance teams. Many times, due to delay in development or for some other reason, QA window is shortened and the project or business would demand QA completion at the earliest. One option in such cases is to utilize the existing resources and get high-level testing done or onboard more people and get the extensive testing done.

The latter becomes a difficult choice because interviewing & hiring individuals for testing and retaining them for long-term poses a challenge. A better option is to outsource the work to a known QA company.

#3) Long Term Project but need to Save on Cost

Outsourcing work is a known as a cost-effective method. Maintaining an internal team with specialized skills is always expensive when compared to maintaining a contract with a third party. So, if you are in a situation to manage and get long-term projects executed, it will be wise to think about outsourcing 90% of the work. It’s always advisable to maintain a small team of business experts and project co-ordinators internally.

Outsourcing everything poses another challenge of losing your control over the project and the business knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Company

  • Skillset/Area of Expertise – Getting Testing done by an amateur vs. getting it done by an experienced resource makes a lot of difference to the overall outcome. Hence, before you decide the outsourcing company, find out about the services they provide, i.e. what types of testing and what all expertise they hold, and how old is the company, track the record of their past projects, clients etc., they have catered in the past.
  • Flexibility/Scaling up and down – It is very important to understand whether the shortlisted company would be able to satisfy the flexible needs i.e for some projects more resources are required or lesser number of people are required and they should be able to handle the needs accordingly. Hence, they should be flexible enough to scale up and down as per the demand of the project.
  • Infrastructure –Knowing more about the infrastructure that the company maintains is definitely one of the most important points to be considered. In today’s world we are dealing with a lot of secured data, we have access to the confidential information, hence knowing about how the company caters to keep security intact is damn important. Also, certain testing requires specialized setup including devices, network conditions, so it is advisable to check on the mechanism which is used to test devices as well as connection setup before outsourcing the work.

    QA Outsourcing Companies

    Given below is the list of some of the QA outsourcing companies:

    1. QAsource
    2. ScienceSoft
    3. Testco
    4. Silicus
    5. QA Test Lab
    6. Qualitest
    7. TechWare Solution
    8. Orient Software
    9. Ideavate
    10. LogiGear
    11. Axis Technical
    12. NetSity


    Not everything can be captured in few words of an article, hence in this article, I have tried to cover some important scenarios and factors you should consider while Outsourcing, but in reality, you may come across situations which may not have been covered here.

    Besides the factor mentioned, other factors like cost, services, SLA’s should also be kept in mind while Outsourcing Software Testing