Twitter & Pinterest have new policies

The two social media sites have banned false information about polls and voter ID requirements. The crackdown by Twitter and Pinterest is a welcome step in the right direction. Now, people can get their news from better sources than fake tweets or misleading memes on Pinterest boards. These new policies are overdue because they will help to make sure that nobody tries to manipulate voters with misinformation again.

This April 26, 2017, file picture reveals the Twitter application icon on a cell telephone in Philadelphia. Twitter and Pinterest are taking new methods to root out voting misinformation built to suppress participation in the November 2020 elections. Twitter unveiled a new device Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, that will make it a lot easier for customers in the U.S. to report tweets made up of deceptive info about registering to vote or casting a ballot. (AP Image/Matt Rourke, File)

Twitter and Pinterest are getting new ways to root out voting misinformation made to suppress participation in the November elections.

Twitter unveiled a new instrument Wednesday that will make it less difficult for end users in the U.S. to report tweets that contains deceptive information and facts about registering to vote or casting a ballot. The system reported the tool would be obtainable at “vital moments” during the election.Twitter

Pinterest, meanwhile, announced that it will eliminate posts that include things like untrue information about where, how and when people can sign up to vote or solid a ballot.

Most of the big social media platforms currently prohibit intentionally deceptive details about voting. Twitter and Pinterest declared the new initiatives just ahead of the very first-in-the-country Iowa caucuses on Monday.

“As caucuses and primaries for the presidential election get underway, we’re setting up on our efforts to protect the public discussion,” Carlos Monje Jr., Twitter’s director of community policy and philanthropy, explained in a assertion. The company’s new resource has by now been utilized in elections in India, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Election safety specialists say online voter suppression stays a important risk as foreign and domestic teams seek out to polarize Americans and impact elections.

Suppression endeavours are often aimed at minorities and other traditionally disenfranchised groups. Illustrations in past elections include posts that falsely assert election day was rescheduled, or that voters can solid a ballot by textual content, or that they will have to bring special paperwork to the polls.

“These items occur in each individual election,” claimed Ian Vandewalker, senior counsel at the Democracy Program at the Brennan Centre for Justice at New York College Law University. To prevent the misinformation, he mentioned platforms need to have to not only clear away bogus promises but also advise buyers that they may well have been misled. Nevertheless, he said, “it will be unachievable to catch everything in authentic time.”

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Pinterest’s new plan also prohibits deliberate misinformation about the U.S. Census. While it already banned normal misinformation, Pinterest’s efforts to day have been extra focused on bogus claims relating to health-related and purchaser merchandise. This is the initial time the enterprise has spelled out principles on election-relevant misinformation.

Pinterest spokeswoman Jamie Favazza instructed the Involved Press that the new policy demonstrates the need to battle voting misinformation. But it really is not a indication that the system, known for boards in which buyers pin preferred images, fashions and crafts, is relocating into politics.

Facebook and YouTube have currently banned misinformation about voter registration and elections. In preparing for this year’s elections, Facebook—which owns Instagram—has also barred compensated ads that assert voting is a waste of time or or else discourage men and women from voting.

Facebook says it taken out more than 45,000 posts that violated its ban on voter suppression in advance of the 2018 midterm election.

Fb to tackle attempts to interfere with 2020 US census

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News Corp is launching a new aggregator

News Corp has just announced a new aggregator, which will be available in the App Store and Google Play store. The company hopes to use this new product as an alternative to Facebook and other social media outlets where News Corp content is often shared. This move by the company could signal a shift from tech platforms that have been dominating the news industry for quite some time now.

Rupert Murdoch’s Information Corp. on Wednesday unveiled an on the net news aggregation company, aiming to split away from the tech platforms that dominate electronic media. The application termed Knewz, now staying analyzed, will include things like information from more than 400 resources in the US and around the world, which include Al-Jazeera, The Washington Post and Murdoch’s have Fox News.

A Information Corp statement stated the application will offer “the most up-to-date news from the widest variety of sources, free of charge of filter bubbles and slender-minded nonsense.” If prosperous, the challenge could steer readers away from key tech platforms this sort of as Google and Facebook, which scoop up the bulk of on the net ad revenues and person data.

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“Knewz is exclusive in that audience can, at a solitary look, see many sources,” stated Robert Thomson, chief government of Information Corp.

“It is not egregious aggregation but generous aggregation. There are mastheads from across the political and regional spectrum, and premium publishers will not be relegated in the rankings.”

Knewz brings together “chopping edge, proprietary artificial intelligence with experienced editors” and curates “a choice of headlines that deliver a broad viewpoint on tales of the working day.”

The shops offered contain the British-centered BBC and Day-to-day Mail, Al Jazeera and dozens of US-based mostly corporations such as BuzzFeed, Mom Jones and The Washington Write-up.

“Visitors will have accessibility to publishers large and tiny, area of interest and normal, found in all 50 states,” Thomson explained.

“We stay in a planet of vexatious verticals, of crass clickbait, of polarized perspectives and fallacious, fact-free of charge feeds—Knewz is understanding and required.”

The Washington is among the news organizations whose content will be included on an aggregator being created by Rupert Murdoch's
The Washington is between the information organizations whose written content will be provided on an aggregator currently being designed by Rupert Murdoch’s Information Corp

Sharing with publishers

Knewz “will share as considerably details as attainable with publishers, making certain that they have each option to monetize their content material,” the assertion explained.

The new service will be up against aggregation applications from Apple, Google and Fb, which encounter criticism for gleaning person details that is not shared with news organizations.

News Corp. has been among the fiercest critics of massive tech firms, claiming that they consider gain of news companies devoid of suitable compensation.

But last yr it joined in a undertaking with Fb, which unveiled a prepare that would payment publishers whose content is accessible on the social community.

Information Corp is aspect of the media empire established by the Australian-born Murdoch which consists of the Wall Avenue Journal and dailies in Britain and Australia. Murdoch, 88, is the executive chairman and his son Lachlan is co-chairman. The relatives also controls Fox Corp which includes the cable news outlet Fox News.

Damian Radcliffe, a College of Oregon journalism professor, claimed Knewz has assembled an impressive team of information stores and presents some likely for information organizations struggling in the electronic surroundings.

“This seems like an hard work to produce a news aggregator that is not reliant on Silicon Valley, and the whims of the algorithms, and income products which underpin individuals platforms,” Radcliffe mentioned.

It continues to be unclear whether the new services will be ready to crack the so-named filter bubbles that audience locate themselves in to fortify their sights, claimed previous Usa Nowadays editor Ken Paulson, who is now on the college at Middle Tennessee Point out University.

“I wish them effectively, but I have to question no matter whether the common person, offered a alternative amid coverage by Fox News, Mother Jones or The Washington Submit is not going to simply gravitate to their typical resource,” Paulson said.

Rupert Murdoch suggests Facebook really should fork out for ‘trusted’ information

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SpaceX launches ‘dark’ satellites after Elon Musk hit by backlash from astronomers

SpaceX has launched a set of “dark” satellites after being hit by backlash from astronomers. The new satellites are covered in a special coating that are intended to make them blend to into the night sky. It is an attempt to avoid criticism from astronomers that the internet satellites are filling up the sky with lights and could block out the view of stars for scientists studying the cosmos.

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Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

The new dark coating is a “first step” towards a compromise between Elon Musk’s space company and astronomers who complain that the

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, carrying 60 more satellites, blasted into a cold, clear night sky, recycled by SpaceX for its fourth flight.

As the first-stage booster flew to a vertical landing on an ocean platform, the Starlink satellites continued hurtling towards orbit to join 120 similar spacecraft launched last year.

Flight controllers applauded and the launch commentator described the booster’s fourth touchdown as “awesome”.

An hour later, all 60 satellites were free of their upper stage and making their own way in orbit.


“It’s a beautiful sight,” the commentator observed.

SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk, whose Starlink fleet now numbers 180, plans to ultimately launch thousands of the compact flat-panel satellites to provide global internet service.

Each spacecraft weighs just 575lbs (260kg).

After the first Starlink batch of 60 was launched in May and the second in November, astronomers complained how the bright satellite chain was hampering their observations.

In response, SpaceX came up with a darkening treatment to lessen reflectivity.

The coating is being tested on one of the newly launched satellites.

Jeff Hall, director of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, said the Starlinks have been just an occasional problem so far but noted the risk to stargazing will grow as the constellation expands and other companies launch their own fleets.

He heads the American Astronomical Society’s committee on light pollution, space debris and radio interference, and is working with SpaceX on the issue.

The matter is on the agenda at the society’s conference in Hawaii this week.

“Anything that darkens the satellites is a step in the right direction,” Mr Hall said.

He said it is too soon to know whether the dark coating will work, “but it definitely is just a first step and not enough to mitigate the issues astronomy will experience with the Starlinks”.

The Starlinks are initially placed in a relatively low orbit of 180 miles (290km), easily visible as a long, strung-out cluster parading through the night sky.

Over a few months, krypton-powered thrusters raise the satellites to a 340-mile (550km) orbit.

The higher the orbit, the less visible the satellites are from the ground, according to SpaceX.

Even so, SpaceX said it is supplying astronomy groups with the satellite co-ordinates in advance, so they can avoid the bright flyover times.

Already established in launching satellites for others and making space station deliveries for Nasa, SpaceX is among several companies looking to provide high-speed, reliable internet service around the world, especially in places where it is hard to get or too expensive.

Others include Jeff Bezos’s Amazon and OneWeb.

SpaceX may start service later this year in the northern US and Canada, then expand to the world’s most populated areas after 24 launches.

Additional reporting by Associated Press


I’m living through the longest internet shutdown in history – here’s what life’s like for Kashmiris like me


Humaira Yusuf is among the thousands of Kashmiri medical students hoping to sit the National Eligibility Entrance Test, which selects students for undergraduate medical courses in India. Her plans, however, have faced a serious setback.

“Internet shutdown is a great setback for us students. Online courses or lectures were very important to us. If we had a doubt in any chapter, we would watch video lectures on YouTube,” says Humaira, who has to call her brother in Mumbai every time she wants to search the internet.

On August 4 2019, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was cut off from the rest of the world. India summarily stripped the disputed region of special status that had protected its autonomy, and downgraded it into a union-territory, to be controlled directly by the government in New Delhi.

Supposedly to prevent the unrest, the government suspended all communications, including landlines, mobile phones and cable television. Although they were subsequently restored, the internet remains blocked. More than seven million Kashmiri people are offline.

Speaking via phone with a senior executive at the state-owned telecommunications company, he lamented that “we have become stooges of government. We do what we are ordered to do. Nobody is allowed to ask any questions. We may enter the Guinness Book of World Records now in the longest ever shutdown.”

Indeed, The Guardian has dubbed India “the internet shutdown capital of the world” – a title that data from would appear to corroborate. There have been a total of 178 government-imposed shutdowns in Kashmir; during the 2016 uprising, when violent anti-India protests broke out in Kashmir, the internet was shut down for 133 days. The present shutdown of 156 days has set a new global record.

Before the internet shutdown, Humaira’s brother Kamran worked for a software company in Kashmir; he’d moved there from Bangalore to be closer to his family. After the shutdown, Kamran was transferred to the company’s Mumbai office. “My brother is very homesick,” says Humaira.

Mohsin Shah, a bank manager in Srinagar, is struggling to explain to his 5-year-old daughter why she can no longer watch nursery rhymes on his phone.

“Whenever she asks to watch YouTube, I try to distract her. What answer could I give my child? She does not understand that we are living in a conflict zone. Children don’t understand these things.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended Kashmir measures during Independence Day

The ban has devastated not only Kashmir’s citizens but also its economy. Tourism and e-commerce have been the worst hit. According to the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the region has lost an estimated $2.4bn (£1.85bn) since it was stripped of its autonomy.

“I used to send my customers in New Delhi photos on WhatsApp,” says Adil Ahmad, a businessman who deals with handicrafts. “But now due to the internet blockade, we are not able to communicate. We have incurred a huge loss this year.”

Meanwhile, Mohammad Ilyas, who works for an educational charity, says the internet ban has seriously impeded their fundraising efforts.

“We have donors outside India, in Europe and the Middle East. We generated all our money through our WhatsApp group. But now it has all ceased. We have so many students who need financial assistance but we are unable to raise new funds. We are helpless.”

The Indian government has defended the internet shutdown as a defensive measure to stop communication between militant groups. The local population is not buying this defence. “They don’t want the world outside to know what they are doing in Kashmir,” says Suhail Rather, an independent researcher based in Kashmir. “They have been torturing us, murdering and kidnapping young boys since the 1990s. They want to show their own narrative on Indian channels. Whenever the internet will restart, the digital media will be flooded with videos of the oppression that the Indian army has inflicted upon local residents.”

Many United States representatives, the United Nations and the entire international community have urged India to end the communication blockade in Kashmir. “The shutdown of the internet & telecommunication networks, without the Government justification,” tweeted the UN, “are inconsistent with the fundamental norms of necessity & proportionality.” So far, the Indian authorities have turned a deaf ear to these warnings – and seem unlikely to start listening any time soon.

The writer’s name has been changed to protect their identity.


Facebook, govt urge courtroom to approve $5-billion FTC settlement


Credit: CC0 Community Area

Facebook and the Justice Division are urging a federal choose to approve the $5-billion offer the Federal Trade Commission achieved with Fb to settle Cambridge Analytica privacy complaints.

The landmark settlement was challenged in July by the Electronic Privacy Details Middle, recognized as EPIC, and is under assessment by Choose Timothy Kelly of the U.S. District Courtroom for the District of Columbia.

In lawful filings Friday, the Justice Department said the deal would bring “considerable relief” to buyers and Fb argued that the settlement would provide “privateness protections considerably past these demanded by United States law” and “an unsurpassed amount of accountability by its executives.”

In a independent authorized filing, Facebook disputed EPIC’s legal standing to block the settlement. “EPIC’s belated proposed criticism fails to discover any legally protected interest,” Facebook’s filing reported.

Critics of the deal, struck in July, say it does much too small to protect Facebook users from privacy incursions and shields the business from legal responsibility in hundreds of buyer issues.

“The proposed purchase wipes Facebook’s slate thoroughly clean without the need of Facebook even possessing to confess guilt for its privacy violations,” EPIC claimed in its July grievance.

Kelly established a deadline of Friday for the governing administration and Facebook to reply. The FTC handed off to the Justice Office, which is litigating the circumstance on its behalf.

Facebook and the FTC have defended the file wonderful and settlement phrases.

In its Friday filing, the Justice Department said the FTC settlement helps prevent future “misuse of data” by Fb and needs essential adjustments to how the social media huge handles billions of users’ own info.

Beneath the settlement, which concludes a 12 months-lengthy investigation prompted by the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social networking huge ought to grow its privateness protections throughout Facebook alone, as properly as on Instagram and WhatsApp. It have to also undertake a corporate method of checks and balances to continue being compliant, according to the FTC buy. Fb ought to also manage a knowledge protection application, which incorporates protections of details these types of as users’ cellular phone numbers.

The $5-billion FTC high-quality is nearly 20 periods greater than the largest privacy or info security penalty that has ever been assessed around the globe and is a single of the most significant imposed by the U.S. authorities for any violation.

Individually, Fb agreed to pay back $100 million to settle facts misuse charges introduced by the Securities and Exchange Fee.

“We have agreed to shell out a historic good, but even additional essential, we’re likely to make some main structural modifications to how we establish merchandise and operate this corporation, main govt and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg posted on Fb in July.

Buyer watchdog groups accused the FTC of going uncomplicated on Fb whose privacy tactics have lengthy been in their crosshairs.

EPIC requested a listening to for the court docket to evaluate the settlement. A decide could have to have the government to alter the conditions of the settlement.

Fb fined $1.65 mn by Brazil

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Extended Reality (XR) Market Growth

Technology is booming all over the world; it brings a dynamic transformation in people’s lives. With the ever-increasing demand for innovative technologies, these cutting edge technologies and the emerging extended reality applications are enhancing the on-growing popularity of Extended Reality (XR). These Extended Realities are propelling the upscaling demand of AR, VR and MR.

These cutting-edge new technologies are changing the way we work to streamline the process, making it more successful. It lets you unimaginably construct solutions to solve real-time problems. Extended Reality development is embracing and expected to drive market growth as it offers a highly digital experience that can easily enhance our market growth.

Extended Reality

A report suggests that the Global Extended Reality (XR) Market is expected to register a healthy CAGR of over 65% during the forecast period (2019-2024).

XR technologies are redefining the progression of the headsets to smart glasses that provide real-time schematics and real-time visuals. These are expected to boost overall infrastructure and 3D graphics that can impede the extended reality market growth. It has become much faster and lighter for the consumer end.

What is XR Technology?

Extended Reality is a new development that emerges as a new umbrella in this techno world; these are all computer-generated environments that merge the physical and virtual world that is proven immersive experience to its users. Extended Reality is relocated people, time with the immersive experience.

What if I say that very soon you can do what you were not even dreaming off a few years ago,
Don’t be shocked!! The time has come when we can witness the advancement of Extended Reality (XR) all thanks to (XRExtended Reality application development. With these technologies, you can check your product line in any part of the world. You can attend business conferences and meetings, you can have lunch wherever you want just with the comfort of your office.

Top Usage of Extended Reality in the Upcoming Market

Managing personal data

Catch Fake experiences

Reduce Cybersecurity Attacks

Changing the perspective of gaming behaviours

Widening Social Division Market

Now you must scratch your head and somewhere this sound weird, just like aeroplanes for the ancient time people. Very soon, the technologies are within our grasp due to excessive hard work and potential of XR developer that can easily transform the business industries.


Need Of Extended Reality in Upcoming Market

Extended Reality works as a bridge between the problems and solutions that are never thought of before. XR has the potential to become the most ubiquitous platforms in the computer world.
Let’s have a short glimpse of how XR showcases the potential in below-mentioned industries.


Extended Reality brings the most immersive experience in the entertainment industry. It offers an opportunity for an individual where they can encounter live music/ concert with the seamless comfort of VR Headset. Entertainment industries heavily depend on the market demand and the XR is coming up with the best technologies that can help you in gearing up for a virtual expansion.

Virtual Reality video gaming sales are expected to reach 22.9 billion dollars by next year, according to Statista.


There are multiple virtual reality options available by the Extended Reality that has opened new ways in the market for the latest brands. These XR technologies have engaged the consumer with a wide variety of ways to marketing strategies and other innovative new products.


Extended Reality is the opening of new gates in the field of training and education, military or any risky sectors. XR works as a lifeline for those who are working in high-risk conditions like a chemist and pilots. XR helps these kinds of professionals by providing high-quality training about the security and safety measure using XR technology. Even medical students have hands-on practice on virtual patients.

In the military and defence sectors, the US Military is looking at immersive technologies for training purposes. The United States will also be investing as much as USD 11 billion by 2022 into virtual, augmented and mixed reality training systems, with extended reality becoming a primary focus of military innovation.

Real Estate

Extended Reality technologies are coming up with the best streamline technologies where property managers can easily process and allow the user to view their properties virtually. AR App Development, with any doubt, plays a significant role in re-shaping the Reality as it comes up as the flag bearer of all the virtualized technologies. Now you can hunt the house and property with the help of virtualized architectural design. Most of the architects and interior stylists can leverage XR more productively.

Remote Work

XR eliminates range barriers, providing distant employees to access data from anywhere in the world seamlessly. Immersive experiences are changing how we connect with people, information, and experiences. Extented Reality XR is the best possible way to interact and do all kinds of jobs while sitting in one place or without physically present at that moment.

The Accessibility of Extended Reality?

Extended Reality is going to be successful in the upcoming market that helps people to enhance future market demands. These demands highly enhance the experience of its users that are somewhere proven useful for significant AR and VR development companies.


Mirror Real Life Situations

Several significant factors are affecting our lives, but Extended Reality is providing the best and most effective ways to emphasize the overall visualization process of its users. It provides a virtual environment with flexibility to mimic the real-life situation. These are the best way for developers to reach a higher level in less time by delivering high-quality services.

End of Distance

Extended Reality provides the immersive experience to its users with secure availability options. It provides best-in-class support where business easily expertise in thousands of skills from anywhere in the world while sitting at the office. XR is offering the best remote guided tours and other remote collaborations that can easily help the business to enhance their overall productivity and performance.

Reduced Operational Costs

Most of the leading organizations are providing best-in-class support to their co-employees. XR helps an organization to cut the unwanted expenses of transportation and travel chargers. It comes with a wide range of features and the techno advanced technologies that improve the business to reduce the overall operational costs. Trainers can also be part of these XR programming and assist the company to grow more profoundly.

Increased Engagement

With these extended realities and upscaling, demand for Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are creating a buzz in the market. It improvises the overall ability and in-gamification experience. These emerging features are somewhere that makes people more engaged and interested that leads to better retention.

Learning Through Mistakes

Training for dangerous conditions, as well as simulations that allow individuals to practice delivering. This all can be done through XR to minimize behaviours that do not promote inclusion or that could have a negative impact on companies goodwill.


TECH GIFTS If you’re like me, you love giving gifts as much as you love getting them, or maybe more! But, for me at least, figuring out what gift to buy can be a challenge. That’s why we here at Skillcrush decided to make things a bit easier for all of us with this collection of top tech gifts.

Armed with this rundown, you’ll be able to buy the perfect present for the techie, or even the not-so techie, in your life. Whether it’s a holiday surprise for a loved one, a birthday gift for a friend, or a treat for yourself, you’ll find something fun and useful when it comes to all things digital. (Bonus: To keep things budget-friendly, we’ve made sure there are picks that are free or have free trials.)


You can be sure your giftee will love what you give them since our number one recommendation (and many of the other recs) is something we’ve used and loved ourselves. And we’ve also included other great options in each category to give you plenty of perfect presents to choose from.


Top pick:

  • LastPass password manager – a simple service with a simple slogan: “LastPass remembers all your passwords, so you don’t have to.” Just enter your usernames and passwords into LastPass once, and, when you need to log in to any website or app, LastPass will take care of it for you with just one click. Free for 1 user.

More recommendations:

  • TextExpander – a mobile and desktop app that turns a few keystrokes into whole words, sentences, or paragraphs of text to save tons of typing time. Free 30-day trial then $3.33/month.
  • TickTick – an all-in-one to-do list, checklist, and task manager with a wide range of features to keep anyone organized at work or at home. Free for standard app. $2.79/month for premium app.


Top pick:

  • Pocket Casts podcast player – a sleek, full-featured app for endless audio. Podcasts are the hottest way to stay entertained and informed, and Pocket Casts gives access to them all on any device. Free for Android or iOS. $1.23/month for Windows, macOS, and Web.

More recommendations:

  • Libby – an app to access e-books and audiobooks from your local library on your Android or iOS device. Free.
  • Spotify Premium – unlimited, ad-free, offline, and on-demand streaming of your favorite tunes. Free 3-month trial then $9.99/month.

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Top pick:

  • Skillcrush tech skills course – online learning to get a job you love and the money you deserve. Choose from one of our career courses in design, coding, or digital marketing or take advantage of our Break Into Tech course package to get lifetime access to 15 different courses plus 1-on-1 career counseling and job search support.

More recommendations

  • Blinkist – 15-minute summaries of top nonfiction books. Free 7-day trial then $12.99/month.
  • Headspace – fun and friendly app for developing mediation and good sleep habits. Free 7-day trial then $12.99/month.


Top pick:

  • Upright Go posture trainer – a handy little gadget to improve your posture. Attach the sensor to your upper back with the special adhesive tape or wear it on the reversed necklace, and get feedback through vibrations or the app to make sure you’re sitting or standing in a healthy position throughout the day. $99.95

More recommendations

  • Furinno laptop desk – a widely adjustable laptop stand to make working anywhere more comfy. $52.49
  • Cyxus computer glasses – eyewear that reduces the vision fatigue and disrupted sleep that can come from spending long days looking at screens. From $30.


Top pick:

  • Aukey wireless earbuds – Bluetooth, in-ear headphones that let you listen to audio and take calls without tying you to your device. I’ve enjoyed hundreds of hours of podcasts and music as well as video meetings with my team using Aukeys. And, since they’re water-resistant, they’ve even been with me through lots of dance practices and a few quick showers! $49.99

More recommendations

  • Anker portable charger – an external battery pack to make sure your phone is always powered up and ready to go. $45.99
  • ExpressVPN – a virtual private network to protect you and your data when you’re on public internet connections. $12.95/month

How to Make Your Mobile App Viral?

App Viral We are sure, you have observed that each day a new app is marking its presence on the app store and play store. Hence, the app market is growing widely and becoming popular. Each businessman and service provider is on the application platform. Millions of applications introduce every day and get a download after that also the owner’s main motive is to get their app viral as this is how the app can be reached to millions of people.

App Viral

Yes, every founder’s aim is to viral the app, but for every app, it is not possible to get a million users. Most people are in the misconception by sharing posts on social media they can reach millions of active users but there are many other strategies. From the developing part, you should stick to the growth of the application.

What the Viral of the App Means?

So it’s time to know about it, once the user gets aware from an app and gets impressed by the concept, in that case, he will download the app and will get active on it. When he finds it beneficial he will start sharing it with the other and known users. To make them share you have to reach the app till thousands of people and when it will reach the massive of people. So the process of viral will start.

When you build in growth, your users will be handling your app’s promotion for you. This is also known as the network effect.

Today in this blog the leading BR Softech entity will tell you some secret of viral growth.

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Secretive Strategy to Viral Your App

1) Social Media:

It is among one the best ways to reach millions of people via social media most popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share your app to the maximum number of groups, so it will increase awareness. It is the best platform, but not an individual formula to viral the app. As we know, the craze of social media nowadays is ruling the world.

2) Reviews:

Ask for the reviews from your customer as this how new users will be able to know your service and they will trust on your brand. Let customers share their experiences. Review catch the mind of the users and they build trust via it. Your goal should be to get thousand of positive reviews from the user.

How You Can Get the Positive Review?

There are many ways through which you can acquire positive reviews.

App Viral1

1) Let your app ask for feedback: Allow your app to get the feedback, ensure that your app has a feature to ask the feedback. As on website, people leave the review

2) Don’t force for review: Don’t irritate the users for the reviews, don’t message them again and again for the reviews. Don’t fill them with requests and overload negative experiences.

3) Survey: Do the survey in a limited period of time to ask questions such as,’’ “Enjoying [app name]?” Instead of giving the option of 5 stars, request them to share their experience.

4) Backlinking: It is an essential part, if you will make the backlinks, so the user will be able to visit to your app by clicking on the link, they will direct visits to your app and by only viewing they can install your app.

5) Referrals: Allow user to share the app with their friends and relatives as 92% of the people believe on the recommendation on their friends and family, Referral is the most powerful element. It works as a user is using your app so he/she can refer to other people via Whatsapp, insta, facebook, SMS by sharing a link. To create the offer for them so they show interest to share the link create an offer or any refund.

6) Gaming section: Add the gaming section into your application as this section will refresh the customer’s mind. In whatever category your app falls, but the gaming should be added in it. It is a way to attract your viewers to your platform.

7) The Hooked Model: Apply the hooked model to your platform, The hooked model is consists of four steps.

1. Trigger

2. Action

3. Variable Reward

4. Investment

1. Trigger: Triggers are a combination of internal and external triggers. It conveys the action that the user should take next. The best example is Email, billboards, tweets, etc.

2. Action: This is the behavior that takes place against the anticipation of a reward. Like simple activities as scrolling, searching and play videos and it can include scrolling, searching and playing of a video.

3. Variable Reward: There are rewards that app users use to receive and it is based on a variable ratio schedule. App users get motivated when they get a positive reward.

4. Investment: it is when the process gets completed and it increases the value of the app.

The best example includes

  • Creating a profile

  • Inviting friends to join the app

  • Storing personal data (photos, videos) within the app

  • Buying additional features

8) Notifications: Enable notifications as it is a powerful tool for you, it helps in the engagement, but your notification should be getting from the user at the right time. The timing should be perfect. The notification should also involve:

Types of Push Notifications:

Welcome notification: It plays a welcome note to the user and it should be sent in 24 hours.

Behavioral: Messages use to send after the particular action of the user, which should include the reminders, achievement notifications, etc.

Zombie: Send a message to the users who haven’t engaged with your application.

9) Remarkable Product: Make your product remarkable, you have to add something which lets people know it for the years. Either by your service and nowadays another formula involves a brand ambassador with your service.

Now, here we have told you how to make people download your app, here are some essential features which a viral quality app should have:

Qualities the Viral App Should Have:

App Viral2

Give high value to the application: You should work with full concentration on the app.

Add advanced key features: Add advanced key features to your portal as it is essential to attract the viewers.

Proper Functionality: The app should function properly. Hence it should be responsive as the user click it should revert back.

Don’t’ overload the platform with information: Don’t overload your app or don’t add extra things as it can turn into a mess up platform.

Keep testing: Keep testing the app for a particular period of time, keep the testing process regularly.

So, if you want to viral your app and want the huge audience so follow these points, you only have to work and the downloads will increase automatically. If you launch in the market. So, don’t get trolled get the number of downloads and it is simple and you will get the result soon. For more updates and to know more about Mobile app and marketing, Stay connected with us!

10 Emerging Technology Trends of 2020

Emerging Technology As 2019 is coming to an end, latest technology trends in information technology is introducing a progressive era bringing dynamic transformation in people’s lives. Despite the barriers, it’s bridging the gap and providing industries a competitive edge. Adopt this upcoming revolutionary trends and remain relevant in the future.

Emerging Technology

These cutting edge new technologies 2020 are changing the way we work streamlining the process, increasing efficiency. It helps you create strategies unimaginably, solving real-time problems. With the dynamic dimensions of technology upgrade, it’s evolving faster than ever in improving business performance and using data more effectively.

21s century has witnessed the constant change in emerging technology trends with innovation taking place. This exponential growth is the result of automation, which will eliminate approx 73 million jobs by 2030.

According to Statista’s IT Market Model, spending in the global IT services market is expected to reach an 846 billion dollar mark by 2021, up from 737 billion U.S. dollars in 2017.

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends of 2020

The rapid growth of emerging technology 2020 evolving quickly to provide ultimate solutions to everyday problems. These top new technologies help you reshape your tomorrow introducing breakthrough innovations. The global impact of these innovations and new tech coming out in 2020 can help us achieve considerable results making industries much more sustainable

1. Hyper Automation

Hyperautomation is an expansion of automation, which includes Machine learning, Artificial intelligence to automate the process at its maximum capacity. To excel in automation, it provides specific tools that can help you create a people-centric smart space. Smart space is a physical environment in which people and technology enable systems to interact, connect, and coordinate.

Hyperautomation Tools:

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Automate
  • Measure
  • Monitor
  • Reassess
  • Discover

These tools help you drive value enabling organizations to know-how functions, process, and performance indicators interact. Hyperautomation is among the top new technologies and has become a vital part of organizations offering significant business opportunities, including the robotic process automation and AI-driven decision making.

2. Democratization

In simple words, democratization means users are getting easy access to technology without getting any training. It is providing people with expertise; they look for without investing much.

Key Focused Areas are:

  • Data and Analytics
  • Democratization of Design
  • knowledge
  • Custom Application Development
  • It’s often referred to as citizen access. It enables developers to generate data models without having the expertise and knowledge of data scientists. It empowers the people to use artificial intelligence-driven development to create code and automate the testing process. It is a process by which access to technology becomes democratic and help you unleash the experience that can only be experienced with extensive knowledge in the field.
  • 3. Human Augmentation

    Human Automation is the use of technologies like AR, VR, and MR to enhance persons’ cognitive and physical experience. Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality can be used to offer multi-experience, changing people’s inherent physical capabilities implanting technology elements on their bodies. The wearable device is an excellent example of human augmentation.Physical automation can be categorized into 4 points:1. Appendage and biological function augmented
    2. Brain Augmentation
    3. Gene

    Emerging Technology3

    4. Practical Blockchain

    Blockchain is a latest technology in software development that uses a distributed database to record the transaction. It consists of several colossal accounting ledger data, all synced with identical transition information. It’s impossible to hack the global financial system as the complete database secured by blockchain technology. Its model consists of 5 elements which are as follows:

    Blockchain technology increases transparency as the number of central banks are growing. It’s proven to be the most profitable and valuable technology.

    Size of the blockchain technology market worldwide from 2018 to 2023 (in billion U.S. dollars)

    5. Multiexperience

    Multiexperience is enabling users to experience the ever-changing technology-driven market. It evolves from a single point of interaction to the multisensory interface. The traditional way of only point interaction has changed into a multi-touchpoint interface like computer sensors.

    This latest technology in computer science has become the need of time to provide the customer with exceptional customer experience.

    Multiexperience focuses on providing the customer with an immersive experience using augmented reality, virtual reality, and the mixed reality. These technologies have become a new trend offering a multichannel human-machine interface.

    6. The Empowered Edge

    The age of computing technology providing people with the capacity to make an informed decision. It is the next stage in the evolution of data processing within networks.

    By 2020, there will be approx 20 billion connected sensors and endpoints with an increasing number and forming a foundation for smart spaces. According to vxchange, The Global Autonomous Vehicle Market Will Grow to $556.67 Billion by 2026. With a wider umbrella of technology advancements and visible growth of the Internet of Things, organizations are forced to adopt these changes and be a part of the revolutionary world.

    7. The Distributed Cloud

    The rapid growth of technological advancement and increasing demand of data storage make the cloud next era platform. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of data storage and computing power without direct management of users. This internet-based computing comes with common characteristics that are common among all the cloud-computing vendors:

    The cloud vendor entirely manages the back-end of the application.
    Users pay for services like memory, processing time, and bandwidth.
    Services are scalable.
    This best technology to learn in IT industry 2020 has become the foundation to helps businesses transform, differentiates, and gains a competitive advantage.

    8. Transparency and Traceability

    Transparency and Traceability has become the need of this new generation. With the increasing demand of technology advancement, customers are increasingly aware of their personal information and how valuable it is.

    Transparency and Traceability mainly focus on these six elements:

    1. Ethics
    2. Integrity
    3. Openness
    4. Accountability
    5. Competence
    6. Consistency
    The emergence of technology is creating doubts in people and making people more aware of how data is being collected and used. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) taking place around the world, organizations are following the ground rules and protecting their data considering liability.

    9. Autonomous Things

    Autonomous things are devices that reduce the human tasks which were previously performed by people and automates the process. It introduces collaborative intelligence using AI & Machine learning. Some of the excellent examples of Autonomous things are robots, drones, ships, and appliances, which can minimize human efforts and increases productivity.

     Emerging Technology9

    Machine Learning: Enable computers to perform the task without explicit instructions.
    Artificial Intelligence: Simulation of human behaviour performed by machines.
    Big Data: Help humans extract relevant information from complex data sets.
    RPA: Perform the required tasks on human command at a higher speed.
    As any technology capability increases, it becomes more in demand, allowing people to reduce their workload, offering ease and comfort. Robotic process automation helps you standardize the process across organizations, enhancing the customer experience. RPA Service increases productivity five times and helps the organization improve production quality eliminating human resources. It is considered as one of the best technology to learn in IT industry 2020.
    10. AI Security
    Artificial intelligence is a modern implementationand a new technology in 2020 that helps the business to grow and operate with industries seamlessly. It enables the developers to create a great opportunity using machine learning, delivering transformation.
    Artificial Intelligence Services Include:
    Machine learning-based Solutions
    Natural Language Processing
    Cognitive services
    Deep Learning
    Chatbot development
    Predictive Analysis
    The artificial intelligence system helps you secure any data like machine learning modules, AI training modules, and others. Leverage the power of AI enhancing security defense, understand machine learning patterns, and eliminate cyber-attacks by automating the cybersecurity process. This new technology 2020 in computer science force drives business growth minimizing infrastructure cost.

    10. AI Security

    Artificial intelligence is a modern implementationand a new technology in 2020 that helps the business to grow and operate with industries seamlessly. It enables the developers to create a great opportunity using machine learning, delivering transformation.

    Artificial Intelligence Services Include:

    1. Machine learning-based Solutions
    2. Natural Language Processing
    3. Cognitive services
    4. Deep Learning
    5. Chatbot development
    6. Predictive Analysis

    The artificial intelligence system helps you secure any data like machine learning modules, AI training modules, and others. Leverage the power of AI enhancing security defense, understand machine learning patterns, and eliminate cyber-attacks by automating the cybersecurity process. This new technology 2020 in computer science force drives business growth minimizing infrastructure cost.

    Overall, it may be said for new technologies

    These trending technologies are becoming an integral part of our lives, offering new-age transformation. Accelerate your business and become part of this wider umbrella by moving towards digitalization and adopting these latest technology trends 2020.

    These emerging technology trends encourage you to boost your business while maintaining accuracy. Empower your business to embrace the latest technology in software development while changing the surface of how industries work. Identify the scope of these top new technologies bringing dynamic changes in the business world creating endless opportunities. Investing in trending technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, will not only increase the productivity of your business but also reduce the ultimate cost-reducing human efforts.

    As 2019 is ending, offering these new-age technology trends 2020. Follow the vision of greater success by adopting these technologies and eliminate the risk of missing out in this fast forward world. These technologies are introducing innovation in multiple industries covering various business aspects, providing outstanding user experience. Explore the potential of these information technology trends 2020 and discover a new path to run your business successfull.

Software Testing QA Outsourcing

When the work is given to an external vendor/company without being performed by the internal core team then this process is termed as Outsourcing. QA or Software Testing is one such area, which many companies prefer to outsource. There are several factors which drive the need for outsourcing, at the same time certain points should be noted before finalizing the vendor for outsourcing.

Software Testing

In this article, I am going to walk you through few factors which should be kept in mind before outsourcing, concerns before finalizing an outsourcing company, and list of some of the software testing outsourcing providers.

Factors to be Considered Before Outsourcing

#1) One time Project & Internal QA Team lacks Skill

Say, you have to get the testing done for a one time project but the project requires specialized skill set which the internal team is lacking. In such case, there is an option to train internal resources but that would be time-consuming and would drive a certain amount of cost as well, so you can opt for outsourcing the work to a company having the required expertise & supporting the latest technology.

#2) Short Timeframe project but need more people

The strength of a QA team is always less when compared to the Development and Maintenance teams. Many times, due to delay in development or for some other reason, QA window is shortened and the project or business would demand QA completion at the earliest. One option in such cases is to utilize the existing resources and get high-level testing done or onboard more people and get the extensive testing done.

The latter becomes a difficult choice because interviewing & hiring individuals for testing and retaining them for long-term poses a challenge. A better option is to outsource the work to a known QA company.

#3) Long Term Project but need to Save on Cost

Outsourcing work is a known as a cost-effective method. Maintaining an internal team with specialized skills is always expensive when compared to maintaining a contract with a third party. So, if you are in a situation to manage and get long-term projects executed, it will be wise to think about outsourcing 90% of the work. It’s always advisable to maintain a small team of business experts and project co-ordinators internally.

Outsourcing everything poses another challenge of losing your control over the project and the business knowledge.

How to Choose the Best Company

  • Skillset/Area of Expertise – Getting Testing done by an amateur vs. getting it done by an experienced resource makes a lot of difference to the overall outcome. Hence, before you decide the outsourcing company, find out about the services they provide, i.e. what types of testing and what all expertise they hold, and how old is the company, track the record of their past projects, clients etc., they have catered in the past.
  • Flexibility/Scaling up and down – It is very important to understand whether the shortlisted company would be able to satisfy the flexible needs i.e for some projects more resources are required or lesser number of people are required and they should be able to handle the needs accordingly. Hence, they should be flexible enough to scale up and down as per the demand of the project.
  • Infrastructure –Knowing more about the infrastructure that the company maintains is definitely one of the most important points to be considered. In today’s world we are dealing with a lot of secured data, we have access to the confidential information, hence knowing about how the company caters to keep security intact is damn important. Also, certain testing requires specialized setup including devices, network conditions, so it is advisable to check on the mechanism which is used to test devices as well as connection setup before outsourcing the work.

    QA Outsourcing Companies

    Given below is the list of some of the QA outsourcing companies:

    1. QAsource
    2. ScienceSoft
    3. Testco
    4. Silicus
    5. QA Test Lab
    6. Qualitest
    7. TechWare Solution
    8. Orient Software
    9. Ideavate
    10. LogiGear
    11. Axis Technical
    12. NetSity


    Not everything can be captured in few words of an article, hence in this article, I have tried to cover some important scenarios and factors you should consider while Outsourcing, but in reality, you may come across situations which may not have been covered here.

    Besides the factor mentioned, other factors like cost, services, SLA’s should also be kept in mind while Outsourcing Software Testing