Apps Development Trends for 2020

Apps help in improving your interaction with your mobile. With the number of mobile and tablets around the world, it has become essential for companies to develop newer apps to remain popular and provide users with the best product. The demand for apps becomes more prominent from the fact that about 69.6% of the population of the US uses a smartphone, which is a large number.


Considering the growing need and usability amongst users of all age groups and for various business requirements, developers are continuously experimenting and developing newer apps to satiate different purposes in business, entertainment, education, etc.

Before discussing the top trends, let us have a brief overview of mobile application development.

What is App Development?

Application development is the process of creating a computer program or a set of programs to perform the different tasks that a business requires. From calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, applications help businesses automate processes and increase efficiency.

Every app-building process follows the same steps: gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration. These applications can be pre-installed by the manufacturer or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing (e.g., JavaScript) to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web Browser.

App development is primarily done for running the applications on mobile platforms and the most common platforms being Android and iOS.

While developing an app, developers have to take care of parameters like screen size, software version, hardware specifications, and configurations due to the nail-biting competition between various software. Applications are capable of affecting people’s opinions towards the respective company.

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What is the need for App development?

If you own some business or if you have an online business then apps are the best possible medium reaching out to your customers. By using the app you have a direct platform to interact with consumers without any physical meeting and resulting in enhanced productivity.

Following are the major benefits of App development:

  1. Increase your Visibility – Increasing visibility means keeping the user engaged with your app as much as possible. To increase visibility, you can provide promotions and offers frequently so the user gets more engaged with your app.
  2. Establish Brand Value in the market – To establish your brand value in the market, one needs to stay connected to the consumer. And one mobile app fulfills all such business communication needs. To make your app more user-friendly, one must keep on adding better updated, useful features.
  3. Increase in Sales – For increasing sales apps are considered the best platform as they act as a direct platform between you and your consumer. If the app interface is smooth, the user-engagement gets automatically increased.
  4. Increasing Customer Loyalty – With the app, you can connect with the customer more regularly and frequently, prevailing a sense of belonging and loyalty within the user. This can be achieved by sending personalized messages and recommendations to each user, based on their preferences and last bought products.
  5. Competitive Edge – A well designed mobile app gives you an edge over your competitors who haven’t designed one yet.
  6. The Complete analysis of your customers – By running analytics of your app, you can gather information regarding customers. Information like average time spent, most viewed product, traffic on the app, and other factors that will help you in increasing your productivity.

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Now that we have completed the discussion regarding App Development, let us study the important app trends for 2020:

App Development Trends

1. Blockchain Technology – Blockchain is a simple way of transferring information from one point to another, where the transfer of data takes place in the form of blocks connected together like a chain. It makes the use of Bluetooth technology to transfer data.

It is considered very secure for the transmission of data. For instance, if one of the blocks in the chain is detected to have wrong information, then the whole network will fall. Because of this, it is used by industries like Hotels, Healthcare, etc. Applications of Blockchain are Cryptocurrencies, Financial Services, Video Games, Supply chains.

2. Internet of Things(IoT) – IoT(also known as the Internet of Things), refers to things that are connected to the internet for sharing data and these devices are embedded with sensors to collect data.

3.AI – Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a device to judge the surroundings or conditions around it and act on it by itself, without any human intervention. AI makes life easier for us and it is being integrated with mobile phones and apps.

For instance, Google and Apple have their software assistants who improve over time by gaining information about us. Also, are capable of giving suggestions after analyzing the user’s preferences. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence is making our phone smarter.

4. AR and VR – Since the beginning of 2019, many apps are shifting to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality even though they aren’t related to gaming or entertainment arena.

An example of an AR-based game is The Walking Dead: Our World

Additionally, Google and Samsung have incorporated it with their phone’s cameras, indicating greater use in 2020. By using AR and VR, we can experience many things that can’t be experienced physically.

5. Mobile Wallets – With the latest advancements in technology, mobile wallets have become quite common in today’s time. The biggest plus mobile wallets bring with them is that they relieve us from carrying money and provides a hassle-free and secure way of transaction.

6. Beacon Technology – It alerts websites when someone enters or exits the location they are placed in, making it a useful security tool.

Also, It is a great marketing tool for reducing the gap between customers and companies. Moreover, it helps in the exchange of sales in the retail sector.

7. Wearable Devices – Wearable devices have become a big market since 2019, be it is a Fitness band or smartwatches they have garnered a huge customer base. With the integration of these bands with mobile phones, users enjoy a seamless experience.

8. 5G Technology – 5G is the latest technology launched in 2019 that elevates the mobile network. It not only interconnects people but also interconnects/ control machines, objects, and other devices.

9. Chatbots – Chatbots are a better way of solving problems and are suitable for the “Do-it-yourself” type users. It is a great way of expanding customer relationship management and improve productivity.

10. Instant Apps – Instant apps are the best solution for low storage space and they take less loading time and provide better productivity. They are smaller than the normal app but provide the same functionality.

To put it in simple words, Instant apps can be considered as a trial for certain apps that users get access to without downloading them.